Hello! I am Laurent , remote-first software developer located in France.
Having extended knowledge in Linux/Unix, Zsh, Nodejs, Golang, I enjoy writing & developing software for teams and projects from all over the world. I have a passion for distributed systems and have recently honed my skills in technologies like gRPC & Prometheus/Grafana.

What I enjoy coding: Link to heading

  • Distributed Systems: Building and maintaining robust, scalable distributed systems.
  • Systems & MicroServices Monitoring: Using monitoring tools such as Prometheus and Grafana dashboarding.  

Favorite programming language Link to heading

Golang is my number one choice , even though I have buit my professional career mainly in Nodejs backend . I recently found an interest in distributed systems and distributed ledger technology.
I have also tipped my toes somewhat into Go-ethereum library and the language allowing for smart contract creation: ‘Solidity’.

With this minimalist blog, I try to share what I learned along the way of my coding & learning journey.
My views are not aimed to be of full expertise on any subject but rather a way for me to share
the knowledge i have gathered along my path.

What I need to perfect Link to heading

  • Kubernetes

Let’s Connect Link to heading

Reach my socials on the front page to connect
Or feel free to email me [email protected].  

Thank you for visiting my blog.