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Welcome ! My name is Laurent , remote-first self-educated software developer located in France.

I aim to remain a persistent, active learner. To the best of my expertise , I embrace challenges beyond my current abilities to broaden my knowledge the most. Having extended knowledge in Linux/Unix, Zsh, Nodejs, Golang, gRPC, I enjoy writing & developing software for teams and projects from all over the world. I remain enthousiast about distributed systems & curious about decentralization in the way the distributed ledger technology seems to propose it;  

-> What I enjoy coding: Link to heading

  • Distributed Systems: Building and maintaining robust, scalable distributed systems.
  • MicroServices Monitoring: Using observability tools such as Prometheus/Jaeger and Grafana dashboarding.  

-> Go as favorite programming language Link to heading

Golang became my number one choice , even though I have built my entire professional career mainly dealing with Nodejs backend. Although Go is a general-purpose programming language, it is a savvy fit for writing systems tools, command-line utilities, web services, and software working over networks. Go ’s lack of verbosity, clear ideas and principles for the get-go makes it also a good candidate as a first programming language.   With this minimalist blog, I try to share what I learned along the way of my coding & learning journey. The views I express here are not aimed to be of any full expertise on any particular subject but rather a way for me to share the knowledge I have gathered along my coding path. In other words, as my experience tells me every day and proven by the works of educational theorist Lev Vygotski, “the best way to learn yourself is to communicate with your peers what you have learned”.  

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Thanks for your time visiting.